Despite being a hybrid of many species, this dog is undeniably adorable

Since Normany is so unlike everybody else, he has amassed a massive Instagram following. He’s hardly the first internet-famous dog, but there’s never been anything quite like him.

The only person like him has ever existed.

The young canine is really a hybrid of two great breeds—a Pomeranian Spitz and a husky. In every city he visits, people stop him to marvel at his huge, stocky face and the black circles that around his eyes.

He’s a husky-Pomeranian spitz hybrid, and the small dog possesses the greatest traits of both breeds.

People can’t help but notice his large, stocky frame and the dark circles under his eyes everywhere he goes.

The dog was only in the family for a little over two months when his new owners came up with the clever idea of making a social media account in his honour. They were accurate in their assumption that the dog would gain fame.

The internet has been flooded with almost 100,000 new followers after photos of a stunning puppy began making the rounds. And who could forget her exquisite nose?

The dog’s cheerful attitude and constant grin are infectious. A photograph of this one-of-a-kind pup is certain to put a grin on your face in an instant.

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