Dengi, a cat, made his owner affluent, and as a reward, the man gave him a $6,000 gold necklace

A successful Malaysian entrepreneur called Dengi. However, this is acceptable because the cat is responsible for the woman’s wealth.

Dengi is shown here wearing the $6,000 chain she received as a present.

She made it very clear that no other cat would be able to wear the necklace because it was manufactured specifically for that one.

There’s no need to overpay for such a magnificent kitty; even a generous gift like this would be a pittance.

The success of the hostess’ company can be attributed to her ability to attract wealth. Buying a kitten from the pet store was like getting a forecast from the clerk.

When you let go of the cat and it runs away, your money will do the same thing. Equally counterintuitive.

Therefore, Dengi seldom walks without being carried by either the hostess, the husband, or the maid.It’s only a story, but it’s true that she didn’t become wealthy until she met Dengi.

She is happy to spend money on the cat since she gets expensive orders whenever she dresses him up or takes him to the spa.

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