Cleaning out an abandoned property, a woman discovers a mother cat and her four kittens hiding in the basement, according to the report

Lovely cleaner hired to do some minor cleaning in the basement was surprised to find what was there. She observed her cat and children in distress the second she opened the laundry basket.

No one knew how long the cat family had been living in the home since it was locked.

After realizing that the cat required care and a place to raise its babies, the finding immediately started to work.

Tabby cat overfed herself before giving her four cubs a large meal. Because her kittens were so clean and well-cared for, I knew they had a wonderful mother.

Volunteers sprung into action as soon as she entered the shelter to assist her in finding them.

There are just a handful of red-haired female cats.

They keep their mother on her toes with their nastiness and never-ending energy. They’re a handful.

A wonderful mother, Ruby cares for their every need. Their parents will get them back when they’re old enough.

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