Cat returned after his long walk with a message attached to his collar, which he had worn for many hours

They’ve been living together in Alicia’s private apartment for the last eight years.

After being saved as a newborn, Simion stayed with the girl for the rest of his life. Since he was a youngster, Simion has never sat idle.

The reason for this is because Alicia began allowing the pet into the courtyard and subsequently onto the back porch for a short length of time.

She became more anxious as she saw Simion leave for long periods of time and roam anywhere he wished as he got older.

Simion came returning after another walk, this time with a message attached to his collar.

The author turned out to be a neighbor. Simion is a regular bather, according to a letter he once sent.

Alicia was moved to respond with a letter when her cat returned with yet another message from the neighbors.

Alicia started corresponding with her neighbors with the assistance of a cat, and everyone thinks it’s a lot of fun. The cat, for one, is overjoyed.

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