Cat is so grateful that she delivers her new owner a pair of slippers every morning

After seeing how this cute cat shows her gratitude to the person who saved her life, you’ll want to put «immediately adopt a cat» on your list of things to do right now.

Lulu, the cute cat, is so grateful to have found a home with her owner that she gives him or her the slippers every morning.

Lulu’s health was described as «critical» when she was taken to the shelter. She improved well after a few weeks, but no one adopted her because of her health problems.

As a consequence of being confined to such a small space, she developed kidney difficulties and ingrown toenails. She couldn’t even do a simple hop.

Despite this, she was adopted by Kayla and her mother, who immediately fell in love with her. They were unprepared for the swift onset of pleasurable surprise.

A new baby was well cared for by the gorgeous mother and her lovely family.

They doted on her like a princess and gave her all they had. After waiting a while, Lulu seemed to perk up considerably.

Adoptive mom was getting ready to leave the home one morning when she saw her sweet pet bringing her slippers.

It was a heartfelt act done out of gratitude for the life that was spared.The wonderful animal eventually made it a habit to do so.

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