Cat enjoys going on canoe trips, kayak excursions, and hiking expeditions with his master whenever possible

Lucy Frankcom, a 22-year-old dental hygiene student, took up an orphaned kitten when it was only eight weeks old. She swiftly adapted him to a chain and seatbelt so he could accompany her on all her outings.

Seven-month-old Bengal and Ragdoll Cross have been adventuring in Snowdonia, England, including kayaking, hiking, boating, and horseback riding.

Lucy mentioned her fascination with the bongo from the time he was an only three months old in an interview with Metro.

Bongo testified that he enjoyed exploring the local mountains and lakes with Lucy. The paddle was the first of many new things to come.

I pushed the board, and he hopped on to see where we were going,» Lucy said. Bongo relaxed more by lying down, thinking thoughtfully about his trip.

Next, Lucy and Bongo go canoeing on the Manchester Canal. The same sighting also showed the cat in his natural habitat.

He walked out to the bow and looked around. To further his explorations, «He also loves to walk and is highly trained, so I sometimes lead and follow him,» Lucy added.

Bongo is remarkable; his most recent accomplishment was learning to ride a horse. Lucy was his regular walking companion. The feline is content to observe the world from inside the sack.

I’m certain that he’ll like riding after seeing how at ease he and the horse seem to be in the saddle. It’s official: Bongo and the horse are BFFs.It’s a surprise to me how much they like spending time together,» Lucy said.

Both parties have bigger plans. Lucy is making preparations to take a cat on an outdoor adventure. Notwithstanding, Bongo counts tree-climbing among his favorite activities. It’s an action that’s consistent with how cats typically act.

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