Betty tells the story of a 99-gram cat, and you’ve never seen anything quite like it

He craved a lot of attention and affection, but his mother had discarded him.

This little guy had some trouble being cared for, so he was fed in little doses for the first several days of his life.

Once her hunger had been satisfied, the kitten’s eyes became brighter.

He ate a lot, and he also acquired a concern for the welfare of his people.

Everyone in the household loved the cat’s cuddles. ‘It was all rolled up like a tiny burrito,’ Beth recalled. When he woke up, he crawled out of the hole with his head in.

When Guinness learned to play with toys, he became more daring and carefree. Guinness, according to Beth, is a very talkative child.

The adorable child was transformed right away into a feisty adolescent cat, and his personality has since blossomed.

Guinness has a knack for making his house a fun place to be, and his antics keep his family entertained.

About a year ago, Guinness arrived with his family. They could never have imagined it becoming what it is now. Not a single one of them.

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