“Better late than never”: Indian guy became parent at 94 and went into the book of records. Originally from India, Ramjit Raghav is a true hero

His whole life has been spent cultivating the land as a farmer. Not much money came in for Ramjit. The manly power he had, though, made him renowned in his hometown.

Ramjit waited till he was 70 to be married. Shikuntala, who was 40 years his junior, became his wife.

The wife never once complained about her spouse. They had been married for 20 years, and she spoke proudly of her 90-year-old husband’s prowess as a lover.

Not once a day does it cross my mind how old my hubby is. Ramjit is not elderly at all, he is a lovely and passionate guy. It’s clear to me that he wants kids,» Sikuntala remarked.

And now, finally, after 23 years of marriage, God has blessed them with a child.The news of their impending first child’s arrival came as a joyful surprise to the couple.

Even though she was far into her 50s, the mother had a good pregnancy and delivered a son.

Ramjit became a parent for the first time at the ripe old age of 94. Additionally, he was recognized as the world’s oldest parent by having his name included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The record will be broken by him in a few years, since his wife just fell pregnant for the second time.

Another healthy son was born to the couple.

In fact, Ramjit was often probed about the source of his manliness. He said that all he did was eat regular cuisine, drink milk, and snack on nuts.

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