Because the family is so desperate to save a stray cat and win his confidence, they built him a home

Cats Lulu and Zaza have their own little amusement park outside Maria and her husband’s house. The hosts saw a newcomer in the vicinity of their park at one point.

Regularly, a kitten began looking into Maria’s yard. Zigzag was the cat’s moniker the moment Maria and her husband discovered of its true origins.

They left bowls of goodies for the park’s visitors.Upon seeing people, he went away from the table and ate all the food. The owners, on the other hand, remained upbeat.

Maria and her husband decided to build a house for Zigzag on the place where they had left the bowls for him.

While they waited for Zigzag to identify the wooden house as his new home, they transported the bowls to the wooden home

After admiring the gift, Zigzag took a seat under the slate roof of the building adjacent to the park.

They found Zigzag once they were inside the house.

Having been accepted by the family, Zigzag is now free to play in the park among older cats if he so desires.

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