Balloon, the cat, and the centenarian man who takes care of him have a close relationship

Adding new friends is always a good idea. Andrew, this month’s centenarian, is a fantastic illustration of this. The Balloon was a surprise gift from his doting relatives, and he and The Balloon hit it off right away.

And now, Grandpa Andrew is going to have a big surprise from his granddaughter and her family, who just so happen to be staying with him.

Absolutely, he had no clue what was happening. To keep her grandfather entertained, the granddaughter adopted a stray cat.

My dad had no idea, and the granddaughter went through with it.

When he saw her go into my home, he was overtaken with emotion. His eyes shone. There has always been a special bond between him and the animal kingdom.

The granddaughter was so happy to see her grandpa in such good spirits that she began keeping track of the time Andrew spent with Balloon. The film’s meteoric rise to fame might be traced back to the contagiousness of this link.

The grandchild thinks it’s great that people have created so many touching videos.

His granddaughter told him he and his cat were becoming famous, but he wasn’t surprised.

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