At the age of 54, this remarkable woman took the decision to have a family

Dona is well-known for her acting career, but her children will always remember her for the wonderful mother she was.

As a parent, she valued the advice of an authority and decided to follow it. She put acting on hold for 18 years so she could focus on raising her daughter.

The actress uploaded a «Behind the Scenes» video from a magazine photo session to Instagram a week before.

Dona also shared the details of her beauty routine.

She has elaborately discussed the hows and whys of her late-in-life pregnancy, as well as the trials and tribulations of single-parenthood.

She adopted her daughter at the age of 54 and stated she had always had a strong desire to become a mother.

Working with her when she was younger and seeing her raise her daughter Chloe was a breeze.

Dona said that she worked tirelessly in the days preceding up to the adoption of her daughter, who was only four days old at the time.

However, she realised that even if her job was great, she still felt empty within.

She attributes her long life to the fact that she loves herself, along with the fact that she eats healthily and exercises often.

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