As soon as Puppy’s mother arrives home from work, she lets out a happy puppy cry

One of the nicest emotions in the world, according to every dog owner, is returning home to find your beloved pet waiting for you.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out for; the dog’s degree of enthusiasm stays the same.

When you return, they are pleased. Seeing your dog’s tail wag and then licks you after a hard day at work is amazing.

In most cases, people are happy to you even if you simply popped by the business for a few minutes. In a now-viral video, a new pet owner learns what it’s like to be welcomed home by an ecstatic pooch.

Your dog will be waiting for you at the door before you ever open it, since dogs are renowned for their acute hearing. When the door to the home begins making sounds and moving, his tail wags even faster.

Then he sees her — it’s mom, of course! In a state of ecstasy, the dog is unsure what to do.There’s no rush to go to its owner; instead, it’ll dance and hop and wag its tail in greeting.

There’s little doubt this kid has had a hard day, and he’s ready to have some fun!

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