As one of the worlds largest most gorgeous felines, Nyankichi, a Japanese domestic cat, has become a viral hit on the internet

With a short tail, this kitty seemed to have been born to be used in Instagram postings.

Photoshop appears to have been used to ‘edite’ any picture of him sitting, turning his head, or strolling around. However, it isn’t.

Nyankiichi, on the other hand, has been behaving like a runway model since he was a kitten.

Nyankiichi’s owner isn’t a homebody; instead, he likes to travel across Japan.

Photographing the two of them against the background of well-known local sites is a common occurrence while he is accompanying his feline buddy around town.

A volcano serves as the backdrop for this image of Nyankiichi.In addition, he is perched on a tree in the springtime, soaking in the sun.

As he nears the shore, he looks to be the main attraction of this region.

Nyankiichi photos placed against a backdrop of spruce trees or cherry blossoms are famous.

It’s hard to believe that even a picture of Nyankiichi in the water looks bad.

Nyankiichi has garnered over 66,000 Instagram followers and over 124,000 Facebook friends in only a few months.

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