As if the «cosmic» eyes of a Canadian cat weren’t stunning enough, they’ve attracted attention from all across the globe

The kitty’s owner described the feline’s eyes as «cosmic.» As far as I know, she’s not the only one. Pico’s tabby cat appearance on TikTok made him an instant hit with the internet.

As far as I can tell, everything comes down to those gigantic eyes. A disease that afflict animals with four legs is what causes their look.

Marie-Josee Brisson and her daughter Monica had informed them the cat had come from a shelter, so they were certain it had. They had no doubts about it.

After a car accident, he didn’t regain consciousness for three days. Monica was swayed by the kitten’s tenderness, and she instantly wanted to snuggle with him.

Additional obstacles were experienced by the four-legged species. Doctors noticed that Pico had bilateral glaucoma when his eyes started to turn gray.

Injuries to the animal’s lens permanently hampered its ability to see well. Monica or her mother are always accompanied by an orienting cat.

Even in familiar settings, he avoids being parted from his partner. Even if he isn’t home, he can still thrash about the house with his fists and break everything.

Thanks to her owners, Pico has a TikTok account.More than 213,000 people have already signed up to keep track on his every move.

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