As a lasting memento of his mother, a son writes the sounds of her dying heartbeats onto his arm

A mother’s bonds can never be severed. Thomas Resch, 21, of Marysville, Washington, supplied confirmation of this.

Thomas bravely got a tattoo of his mother’s face on his chest to indicate that not even her death could break his love for her.

«I love you, Pic,» his mother wrote in her last letter to him, and the sound of her dying heart were forever tattooed into his flesh.

Thomas’s mother was so dear to him that he referred to her as «Pic» (short for Pickle). After he departed, she texted him the message, but within hours she was dead.

From what Thomas has heard, his mom is quite the writer. His mother’s writing suffered when she had her first heart attack. Thomas loved her letter so much because he understood how difficult it was for her to write.

Having experienced a heart attack before, she knew there was a chance she may survive another one.She now plans to make the most of every moment. Since she knew she didn’t have much time left, she made the most of it.

Like other mothers, she first disapproved of his tattoos. While he liked using other people’s ink, she enjoyed using her own.

To demonstrate how hard it was for his mother to write, Thomas requested a replica of the memo written in his mother’s shaky handwriting.

Thomas tweeted that his mom taught him how to love. His mother’s love for her children was evident in all she did. Her unwavering affection served as a valuable lesson in love for him. He has also shown his feelings for her.

Even though Thomas’ mom is no longer with us to see her grandson, she will live on in the values he instills in his own offspring.

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