An elderly Czech woman opens a gallery in a rural town

This Czech grandma went from obscurity to online stardom thanks to her floral paintings. It is common for individuals to anticipate retirement as a time of relaxation. Some individuals aim for an early retirement age.

I mean, why not? Taking it easy at home is enticing. Isn’t it reasonable to take some time off after so many years of effort?

The Czech woman, Aneka Kapárková (Agnes), age 91, disagrees. A boring day at home is the worst for Agnes. Now 91 years old, she spends her time beautifying the homes of her neighbors in Louka by painting each one by hand.

Since Agnes’s retirement from farming more than three decades ago, she has been painting buildings by hand. This was something she learned from her late friend Manakova, who performed it pro bono.

Manakova issued the directive. To honor Manakova, Agnes modestly said that she is continuing her work.

The paintings Agnes creates by hand are exquisite in their detail, elegance, and beauty. Louka’s pristine white Moravian homes provide a stark contrast to Agnes’s intricate paintings.

Although she is well-known, Agnes never lets her fame make her arrogant. She insists that she is not an artist but rather is just following her passions to make the world a more beautiful place.

After 30 years, the Czech grandma noticed that her age made hand painting buildings more.

Agnes never makes a detailed outline of her ideas before putting her skilled hands to work on them.

Her hand-painted houses have gone viral on the internet after being featured on many blogs and social media channels.

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