An elder cat will do great things for a newly acquired kitten

Adorable kitten left on the ground, but a different cat that brought her in and raised her.When they found the kitten, she was wandering the streets by herself. A transport brought her to a Quebec animal shelter.

Staff at the shelter reached out to other animal shelters in the area to see if any of them might offer a foster home for the infant.

At last, a safe house offered to transport her there and give her with medical attention.

Little Ellian’s development was lengthy, so an adoptive parent gladly accepted her in.

Even though Ellian the toddler was on a mission to eat well and flourish in her new home, the one thing she craved more than anything else was some companionship.

Since she was so little and frail, her foster family had to keep a tight check on her.

Caretakers reported hearing from Ellian that she required continuous companionship throughout her recovery and never wanted to be left alone again.

Because she could now move and explore, her natural curiosity flourished. She loves it when we give her attention by having her paws on us.

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