An amazing group of big cats inspires astonishment in a couple

Leon and her buddy Ron were out on a drive in the city when they stumbled across a sight that would undoubtedly stick in their minds forever.

Amidst the winter scenery just off the street, there were five beautiful lynx on a stroll.

They could have gotten a better view if they had simply pulled over. We were really taken aback by it.

Neither of us had ever seen a lynx before, so we decided to stop worrying about a pack of five.

The elusive wild cats, their thick fur protecting them from the cold February air, didn’t seem to mind when Klassen set up his camera.

As Klassen and her boyfriend watched the lynx glide silently over the snowy landscape, the lynx itself was moving with ease.

After a short while, the wild cats crossed the street and continued on their path, attracting the attention of a nearby crowd.

The couple’s excitement at the quick discovery of the animal will last forever.

Scanning their family unit like a chessboard for clues.

When the mother slowed down, they usually did, too. «The mom was very big, almost royal. Seriously, she blew my mind!

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