After spending time at a shelter, a stray dog is found, saved, and adopted by a loving family

A bucket is Slim’s go-to chew toy. Authorities were taken aback when Slim was found living in an abandoned property in December of 2014. At an Ohio animal shelter, he was scared and underweight. Check back often for new information.

He’s a pit bull-mix between the ages of four and five. He’s both exuberant and adorable in equal measure. Culinary professionals and volunteers have played an essential part in his development.

He loves being the center of attention while he’s out having fun. a dog’s disregard for proper leash manners He’s so terrified that he’s thrown away most of his possessions while he’s at the shelter.

He has a special place in his heart for the bucket. He’s doomed without it! In terms of presents, he’s regarded like a gentleman.

Etiquette is an absolute need for him. After his trauma at the animal shelter, Slim is in dire need of a foster home. Slim was adopted by Forget Me Not Animal Rescue in October of that year after a long wait in a bucket.

His studies continued while they were searching for a new place to live.

Slim is too happy with his new family to play with his bucket. He gains the most by dozing asleep more often. He is appreciative of the focus on him.

He is appreciative of the assistance he is getting.

He may be searching for a place to call his own. Slim may be able to find a new home via Forget Me Not Animal Rescue. Slim may have found a new home, according to Forget Me Not Animal Rescue.

Slim has been the greatest option we’ve found thus far. Do not keep it a secret from your family, friends, or acquaintances.

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