After saving an orphaned bear cub, the girl and her BFF decided to go fishing

In the midst of a lake in the Novosibirsk area of northern Siberia with her pet, the Archie bear, Veronika Dichka captured some amazing photos that quickly became the talk of Instagram.

In most Western nations, the law provides a clear definition of what counts as a «domesticated» animal and what counts as a «wild» animal.

These contrasts are often highlighted in regards to animals that would not be able to live a decent existence in a suburban garden or an urban apartment.

It’s possible, however, that they’re referring to any animal that may harm its human owner.

Yet in Russia, things are quite different. Quite a number of these accounts focus on cute animals who lucked out and found loving households within the human population.

It’s worth noting, however, that the setting is often a desolate, plainly wild place like Siberia or a collection of thinly inhabited towns.

A lady from the Novosibirsk area in northern Siberia named Veronica Dichka is typical of the kind of risk-taker who could spend time with creatures that are, to put it gently, weird and mysterious.

Archie, the large adult bear, is the one who spends her days with the courageous young child you see hereThe narrative of Archie’s transformation into a faithful servant in the arms of his mistress seems like something out of a novel.

The bear’s home zoo closed down while he was still a small cub, forcing him to find a new location to live.

Because of the company’s probable downfall, there would be nowhere for the infant to live.

After hearing his tragic tale, a young Veronika chooses to take him in as her foster brother.

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