After purchasing a run-down bar, a man discovered a hidden treasure in the building’s cellar

Doran Binder, newly single and ready to start over, spent his savings on the purchase of the historic Crag Inn.

A real estate investment served as the young man’s primary means of support, so he did not anticipate needing to work.

My kids’ school is conveniently located near the pub, which was a major factor in my decision to purchase it. After the separation, I would have more opportunities to spend time with them.

As for financial gain, I didn’t even consider it at the time. Although Doran didn’t realize it at the time, he had purchased a true source of riches for very little money due to the presence of a pure spring underneath the bar.

The owner was taken aback when Blair Water personnel revealed their discovery to him. A representative from Blair Water personally informed me that I had access to the purest fresh water in my area.

The guy wasted no time after hearing this news and had the water tested at a nearby facility.

Doran Binder, after determining the water’s exceptional quality, formed his own business and gave it the name Crag Spring Water.

The current workforce totals twelve members. In spite of the expensive price of the liquid, the product is in high demand in the area.

The shipping container served as the company’s primary distinguishing characteristic.

Doran has made a conscious effort to protect the environment by switching to a glass container for his spring water rather than using plastic.

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