After being startled by the lion’s fearsome roar, the photographer grins smugly and winks at the camera

After the wildlife photographer got too near to the lion, he roared and then chuckled cheekily at him.

Gren Sowerby, now 69, has been shooting wildlife, landscapes, and people for the last 49 years, fulfilling a lifelong ambition.

When he first got down to taking pictures of a large lion, he let out a loud roar.

In the beginning, he was shocked and began photographing the violent beast, but when he saw its smile, he suddenly grinned.

It’s no surprise that these stunning photographs have gone viral so quickly.. «I’m King of the Jungle,» he growled, then smiled and said, «Ha ha!» with that wink-and-sneer combination.

The photographer was caught away when he noticed the creature’s wingspan. When he suddenly made a significant statement, it surprised him. For the last 37 years, he’s been capturing moments with his camera.

He claimed King of the Jungle was the shot he was hoping to get and was overjoyed when he did.

When the photographer returned home, he stated he was «extremely delighted» with the images and didn’t spend much time looking at them.

He enjoys what he does tremendously and is always in awe of the incredible beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom. He’s been on several of these safaris before and is well-versed in taking pictures of wild animals.

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