After being rescued, this cat became the prettiest feline in the world, despite the fact that he was an outsider

Three street kittens were taken to a shelter in California during the winter months.

In the words of a shelter employee, volunteers reacted as if they were young children in need of love and care and eager to feel at home again by delicately distributing the trash.

At the age of less than a month and a half, the kittens were given the hilarious nicknames Ginny, Wabby, and Peppy. Because of his flamboyant demeanor, Wabby was labeled «dangerous.»

In his own free will, he decided to become the boys’ guardian.

The kittens in the shelter are socialized every day by the shelter staff, who speak to them, engage them, touch them, and give them their favorite cat foods.

Two weeks after the first meeting, they were more trusting and less apprehensive about being touched.

Wabby was the most lovable and sociable of the bunch of kitties.

All of the kittens have been adopted and are now ready for their forever homes. Wabby and Ginny will move in with one of the owners, while Peppy will go to a different state.

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