After being discarded on a busy street, a stray kitten finds its way back to joy

Malibu, the cat, lives in a kind and friendly household. I can’t believe he used to be a homeless cat looking for scraps.

He tried to enter local stores with food, but was denied service wherever he went.

There were a lot of people out and about, but no one seemed to notice the cat. But luckily, a kind passer-by saw his plight and provided him some food.

The meal helped him relax and feel better. When Malibu scuttled up to the guy, the man was clearly touched.

It would have been cruel to leave such a cute kitty outside. He was taken to a facility where several other animals were being cared for.

In Malibu’s mind, this was only the start of his life as he knew it. He had a nice home with several cats and plenty of playmates.

Malibu is sociable and gets along well with others. Lorren, a local, is one of his closest pals.They maintain their own time zones yet maintain constant contact with one another.

Presently, he is staying in a shelter while the workers there look for a more permanent place for him to call home.

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