After a lengthy period of adjustment, Merkulov quintuplets are now thriving at the age of three thanks to the closeness of their family

In the summer of 2017, Alexander Merkulov and his wife, Anastasia, became the proud parents of five children. The appearance of five kids caught everyone off guard.

If there weren’t four, there were five, so the new parents weren’t too concerned.

Although their best efforts, the couple was unable to start a family in this way, despite having wanted to do so for quite some time.Anastasia, sadly, was ready to admit that she, too, was complicit in this.

True, each and every one of those pregnancies terminated in a miscarriage. In 2016, Nastya broke the news to her husband Sasha that she was expecting again.

This time around, the mother’s pregnancy progressed to the 32nd week, and she was ready for a caesarean section.

Her mother’s frail condition made her fearful about the surgery. Doctor stepped in, was shocked by how quickly she was getting well, and said, «You have to keep going, Nastya.

You will soon be greeted by five adorable newborns.» Put another way, when the Merkulovs had achieved their dream, they were ecstatic.

Their renowned resilience in the face of questions about how they handled caring for so many young children is well-deserved.

With her husband out at work all day, Anastasia was alone to raise their young children. When Alexander’s kids started crawling six months later, he made plans to go help his wife out.

Consequently, the quintuplets have been around for three years.

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