After 16 years, his adoptive daughter made him cry

Each year, the Page family goes all out to celebrate Jay’s birthday. Tradition demanded that Jay open gifts with his loved ones, so that’s what he did.

He saw a white rectangle with silver ribbon. Jay opened the package and read the happy message inside before finding a sealed letter inside.

Jay burst into tears as he tore open the present. This mature man was a sap nevertheless, and he showed it. The adoption papers were delivered to Jay on his 18th birthday by his new parents.

Jay was ecstatic to finally turn them in with his wife’s signature on Monday.

When Jay was 21 years old, he met Celissa’s mom, Lisa. For a while, Jay was «very terrified» to be the father of a two-year-old child, according to Lisa.

In the long run, nevertheless, Jay and Selissa are similar. Having children was a struggle for Jay back in his younger years. Lisa calls it a «huge gift» to have Jay and Celissa in their life.

Jay treated her like his own daughter and taught her how to swim, drive, and fight. For a long time, Jay had wanted to adopt her. He never had any real success in life or became rich. At age 18, he gave up on his feelings for Celissa.

In order to adopt, hopeful parents need to be patient, persistent, and able to shell out a lot of money for legal representation. You will be happy with your results if you put in the time and effort.

Jay, in shock, clung to his daughter desperately.Regaining his composure, he assured his daughter, «Your adoption and potential marriage are constantly on my mind.»

Jay has come a long way, and his efforts deserve recognition.

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