A young guy leaps into a well after seeing five dirty pups at the bottom

The man was bicycling to work when he noticed a peculiar, high-pitched sound emanating from a nearby construction site.

The source of the noise turned out to be a sewage well, which he discovered when he got closer. And the cries looked to be coming from a small group of pups.

Jumping into the well without giving it any thought, he saw five mud «balls» that were constantly wailing, barking, and moving about.

One by one, he saved them all. After coming back up to the surface, he saw that the mud balls were really five adorable newborn pups.

After deciding that their mother must be in or near the well, the young guy searched everywhere for her without success.

Even though they were caked in muck, the cubs seemed to be in excellent health. Additionally, the good news is that this grime was simple to remove with water.

The man brought home five filthy pups, cleaned them up in the shower, and fed them.After he cleaned them up, he took pictures of them.

The young man’s family was captivated by the adorable cubs and made the decision to depart that same day.

His tale was shared by people all over the globe and quickly became a social media phenomenon.

People all around the web have sent their praise and thanks for the bravery and kindness shown.

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