A young couple reunites a 20-year-old homeless guy with his family

Randy Emmans-Baylin and John Suazo, a young Los Angeles couple, volunteered. They help the needy since 2014. They earn money to provide homeless people tiny humanitarian gifts.

Randy, John, and others are stockpiling food, clothes, and home supplies as volunteers. This benefited hundreds.

Today, this tale changes. Pedro, a homeless guy, appears in their pictures. Pedro saw his family after 20 years.

He had no idea whether his family were alive, wished to visit, or remembered him for twenty years. They bonded. Pedro’s family prayed for his return.

Pedro’s family is unclear. Man has struggled for years. He left without documents or financing. Pedro was homeless for many years.

Randy noticed. She gave him a food-filled bag while talking to him. Pedro was a father, student, and worker.

Randy believed Pedro was polite and logical. Grandfather instantly remembered his grandmother’s name and residence.

Pedro’s family was sought. Randy and John searched extensively for the man’s family. His uncle took them to Charleston (this is 4,200 kilometers from Los Angeles).

Pedro’s survival and desire to reconnect thrilled a sobbing uncle. Later, he hugged his nephew. Pedro’s relatives met that way. Randy said it was too touching.

Randy and John organized a café reunion with Pedro’s family.Pedro went to Charleston tomorrow. Despite Pedro’s wishes, things aren’t normal.

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