A wonderful bond is formed between a child of three years old and the rescued dog they share their home with

James Smith was overjoyed to see his son Alex playing with their amazing dog Mark not long after relocating his family to California.

This exchange happened soon after the family had settled in. James Smith was relieved to see Mark and Alex’s rapid friendship development.

Seeing how protective and caring they are of one another makes one feel warm and fuzzy inside.

While we agree that dogs are a man’s best friend, we think a kid is the only other living being that can make that claim credibly.

According to the proprietor of the company, it became immediately apparent that they would get along with one another.

It seems as if they have been friends for a very long time due to the ease with which they communicate with one another.

This couple has a lot of fun doing things together, including having pajama parties, going on nature walks, and snuggling up in bed together.

The love and commitment that the couple has for one another is so deep that they even dress similarly and in coordinated ensembles.

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