A woman who does makeup and has no arms raised her two kids on her own

Faith is her name. Her legs were different lengths, and both of her arms had been amputated before she was born. The doctors, stumped as to what’s wrong, remarked, «She will not live more than 5 years.»

The emotional situation of my parents is hard to put into words. They were able to keep their child at home because love from their parents triumphed.

Faith was never allowed to give up because to her positive, supportive, and unyielding family.

Although she was born with a leg length difference of 20 centimeters, by the time she was 3, the child had mastered walking and talking. Her elder brothers and sisters were afraid of her.

She attentively studied remotely. She trained her foot to write. The young lady picked up helping out around the house quite fast.

Since being married in 2011, Faith has welcomed two children, a boy and a daughter. She maintained a normal family life. She fed, washed, and loved like everyone else!

She was never one to grovel for assistance. The youngster, a symbol of resilience and optimism, never lost her positive attitude or sense of humor despite the challenges she faced.

She’s a cosmetics artist and loves needlework. She does neighbor makeup. Everybody looks up to Faith, 35. I am a proud, accomplished, and independent mother and wife.

Despite her celebrity, she is gentle and uncomplicated with a genuine grin. Faith, after all, motivates us and causes us to second-guess our abilities.

She embraces her individuality and uses it to navigate life, work, love, and motherhood.How many people today believe they can’t because they have self-doubt? Be confident in yourself!

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