A veterinarian came to the rescue of a dog at the shelter who had stopped eating after being given up by his owners by coming up with a novel solution

Volunteers took a dog to the shelter after they found out it had been confiscated from abusive owners. It seems like the animal did not have a very happy life.

The dog spent the day cowering in a corner, refusing to eat. As all other options for help were exhausted, a veterinarian showed up with two bowls and insisted on being filmed doing all of his procedures.

Gracie was the dog’s name, but she ignored it. Her health deteriorated as a result of the intense pressure she was under.

The delicious food and kind attention that would normally aid in such a situation were rejected by Gracie.

The shelter’s Facebook page chronicled Gracie’s story, and Andy Mathis, a famous veterinarian, commented. He said he’d visit the shelter and work with the dog until it trusted people again.

Mathis came into the dog’s area in the morning with two identical bowls. The veterinarian grabbed one for himself and set the other down in front of the dog, both brimming with food.

Unseeing his companion, the guy started devouring his food. After waiting for a while, Gracie cautiously stepped out of the corner to examine the guy.

The dog then showed interest in her dish, at which point the doctor took a chance and put some of the food in his palm, where it would be close to the dog’s nose.

Gracie surprisingly didn’t hesitate long before snatching up the reward. The dog took over an hour to finish its meal. She gobbled up every morsel with gusto.

Over time, the dog was able to build confidence in humans again.Gracie will probably look for a new home. The new owners were really kind and caring.

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