A safari facility just welcomed four healthy lion cubs into the world

A genetic abnormality causes these lions to have white fur. The recessive condition leucism, which is comparable to albinism but less severe, is to blame for their white coat.

Animals who have undergone leucism maintain their eyes and lips but have lost some of their pigment. In the wild, there are now less than thirteen white lions, and less than 300 white lions held captive.

How unusual is it that four of these adorable puppies were born at the same time?

When the photographs were shared on social media, it was no surprise that they went viral.

It was discovered that each of these four very rare and stunningly gorgeous newborns had given birth to a male child.

Photos of the cubs that have been published on Facebook show them playing together and eating. Cubs are prospering and in good health.

Despite its rarity, the white lion remains a vulnerable species. The species should be studied, cherished, and preserved as quickly as possible.

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