A rescued rabbit becomes her greatest buddy when she «adopts» a cat

It didn’t take long for Nila and Hisoka to become fast friends. The rescued rabbit, now five years old, and the kitten, now twelve weeks old, are inseparable.

Hisoka was one of a litter of cats, but she would much rather spend time purring next to her best bunny pal than any of her own feline siblings.

Nila and Hisoka’s mom, Alina, told The Dodo, «We believed having siblings would be good for Hisoka and they’d be together, and it would all be lovely.»

To the contrary, she formed a close bond with Nila the rabbit and prioritized her company above that of her adopted siblings.

They spent much of their time embracing and kissing one other when they weren’t cuddling up with Alina in front of the television.

Alina claims that Nila only wanted to spend time in close proximity to her husband, me, and Hisoka. ‘We simply exist in Nila’s world,’ she said.

Nila passed away in the beginning of July. Hisoka is keeping their special love alive by sleeping in the bed they previously shared. Alina claims they routinely shared a bed and did plenty of snuggling.

Surprisingly, he’s content with this pairing. It was a life well-lived, as Alina had already verified. To see them happy together is a joy in itself.

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