A raccoon was adopted by a family and raised alongside two beautiful canine companions who both think she is a dog

Just look at all the fascinating creatures in the animal realm. The extent to which people can love and care for one another fascinates me.

Particularly heartwarming is seeing friendship blossom between members of different species.

That they are tenderhearted, understanding, and sympathetic. This is yet another touching example of a friendship that developed out of the blue.

A raccoon and two cute puppies are at the center of this story. They’ve gotten a lot of love and attention on the internet because of their special relationship.

The Bahamas animal shelter is now home to Puma.

Thankfully, a kind couple agreed to take in the baby raccoon, and they showed her just how much they loved and cared for her by giving her a permanent place in their warm and welcoming home.

Thanks to Will and Mia’s loving care, Puma was healthy again in just a few weeks.

The adorable couple took excellent care of her. They also adopted two strays and provided a forever home for them.

The dogs quickly became friends with Puma upon meeting her. The hounds looked like her moms to Puma.

Her new parents and their two fluffy pets adore her.

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