A pregnant mother delivered her baby on the same day as her pregnant cat

The rescue and adoption of strays has become Lauren Maners’ life’s work. Since her anxiety levels were too high throughout her pregnancy, she had to stop her voluntary work.

«The animals I fostered were frequently sick and required particular care,» she said. Lauren was adamant about… Dove, the cat, was introduced to her.

While on their way home, Maners and her husband came across a pregnant cat that had been injured. She was in the latter stages of her life, and Maners believes she felt a connection to her because of this.

Leftovers were used as bait to lure the cat to the vet. The veterinarian properly diagnosed the animal’s condition and treated it. Maners and her husband decided to take the cat in.

The couple fostered the stray cat, eventually naming it Dove. Dove was successful in opening a store there because she immediately adjusted to her new environment.

When they discovered they were both expecting, their friendship deepened.

She was seldom seen without his friend’s company, as reported by Maners. We always ate breakfast together in the backyard, and she always let me rub her stomach before we dug in.

Finally, after what seemed like an age, Lauren gave birth. She eventually had a child of her own when Dove and Kylie returned to their former neighborhood.

Maners suggested that their respective births happened simultaneously. Both women had healthier infants. They started to feel something for one another. A few months passed before they brought Dove and the kittens inside.

She is relieved that her buddy now has «the cat mom» living with her.We could go see the folks who took in the strays.

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