A pigeon with every hue of the rainbow represented in its plumage

This pigeon’s array of vivid hues makes it a treat for the eyes. Pigeons have earned a bad rep as a species.

Rock pigeons can be found on every continent, despite their name, which comes from the fact that they are so common in cities that they are sometimes referred to as «flying rats.»

The origin of their pejorative name can be traced back to the widespread belief that they resemble rats.however this peculiar bird can make people question their preconceived notions about its species.

The term «hot pigeon» was given to a green pigeon after a photo of it wearing a pink collar went popular on Twitter.

This bird sticks out considerably from the typical urban pigeons, which may be any shade of black, white, brown, or gray. Is there another bird more beautiful than this one?

The remarkable variety of colors seen on this pigeon’s feathers have earned it the nickname «rainbow pigeon.» But you won’t find them napping on the canopy in the Big Apple.

The pink-necked pigeon has been seen in many Southeast Asian countries.

The majority of the food these birds eat comes from fruit, especially figs, and they are mostly responsible for dispersing the seeds of the fruits they consume.

Because of this unusual pigeon, these ordinarily nondescript gray birds have attracted fresh attention.

The city variant, known as the «cool pigeon,» may be identified from the «hot pigeon» by its blue or pinkish neck.

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