A pair of red, high-top boots that seem like they were taken from Astro Boy have gone viral on the internet

The fashion industry is constantly reinventing itself, and it has never been afraid to take cues from other areas, such as popular culture, in order to create new, exciting designs.

Additionally, the New York collective MSCHF, which we’ve profiled on Creapills before for its many satirical creative initiatives, recently showed a pair of boots based on the comic Astro Boy and its iconic hero Astro.

Although they stand out like sore thumbs, red enormous high boots have become a viral sensation online. Why is it, exactly?

Their bulky, menacing appearance is evocative of the iconic superhero duo created by Osamu Tezuka in 1952.

Even though the official release date for the shoes was February 16th, it seems that the team of artists was caught off guard by a «leak,» or breach of confidential data, the details of which have been widely disseminated over social media for many days.

Those interested in pre-ordering the «Big Red Boot» from MSCHF may do so on the company’s website for the price of 326 euros.

Keeping with the MSCHF studio’s history of out-of-the-ordinary ideas, we invite you to (re)discover the controversial Nikes that caused a bloodbath in the United States upon their first release.

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