A once destitute man who started working at Amazon when he was 11 years old eventually became a top executive there

The ability to get out of poverty was a direct result of my schooling. Executive at Amazon now at the age of 42, David Ambroz had this concept while he was a young man wandering the streets of New York.

David, his two sons, and their mentally ill mother were homeless and slept in churches, shelters, and other public areas. They were hungry, dirty, and poor. To get food, they solicited donations.

David was homeless and begging at Grand Central Station, where wealthier commuters ignored him as he showered at fast food restaurants.

Around the age of 12, things began to turn around for him. David entered foster care after struggling to make it on his own and was eventually adopted by a loving family.

He first taught himself to read at the public library, and then went on to complete his secondary education.

After all of his efforts, he was awarded a scholarship to attend university in another country. In Spain, he was able to finish high school and start again.

Because of his proficiency in Spanish, he was accepted to study at Vassar. David struggled to maintain a high GPA while juggling his several part-time jobs. When we last left him, he was experiencing sexual difficulties.

David decided to become a foster parent so he could give other kids the same chances he had growing up.

David will always be thankful to everyone who helped him change his life and achieve his goals. Without «special angels» like his foster mother Holly, he would not be alive today.

He realizes that although not everyone is in a position to foster or adopt, they can still help by raising money and awareness.

It’s hard to believe that someone with so much poise, skill, and authority over others could have come from such a troubled background.

David is living proof that you can make a better future for yourself than your history could.

David and his siblings were able to succeed in life because to their perseverance, determination, and good fortune.

He is pleased with the positive changes he has made in his life, especially considering how uncommon such success is among foster kids.

He is working to improve the system that has kept his family poor for so long, and he is doing it by advocating for children’s rights.

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