A lonely elephant was befriended by an ostrich, and the two animals ended up becoming the best of friends

Learning about the strange bonds that may form between different species of animals is endlessly intriguing. These sweet creatures, like humans, may provide comfort and friendship to one another.

On the other hand, reading about this extraordinary animal bond will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

After meeting for the first time in an elephant orphanage, Pea, an ostrich, and Jotto, a young elephant, formed a unique friendship.

The baby elephant was saved by Sheldrick Wildlife volunteers when he was barely a month old. His life was given a fresh start.

Soon after, Pea and Pod, two ostrich chicks, were saved by sanctuary workers and brought to the same enclosure where the baby elephant was being cared for.

No one predicted that they would get along, much less become friends. A aircraft took them to the Nairobi National Park. There’s hope for a fresh start for the critters in their new home.

Possible future site of substantial growth for the budding bond between the two youngsters. Pea’s unshakable dedication and constant presence were essential for the small orphan elephant Jotto.

With the help of one another, they were able to recover from their tragic loss. They spent the whole day together and Pea and Jotto were inseparable.

After spending so much time with the elephant herd, the ostrich began to identify with them. Jotto is lucky to have such a fun and kind companion in Pea.

Each time one of them was upset, the other would embrace and soothe them.After they have recovered both mentally and physically, they will be released back into the wild.

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