A lady thinks she’s found a «antique fur hat,» but it’s really something else entirely

The New York City shopper came upon what she believed was a fascinating bargain at a thrift shop.

A fur cap on display in the shop was the future; it was an original, and it seemed like it had been worn maybe a half-dozen times since the ’50s, but it was still in remarkably good shape.

That ‘cap,’ though, was exceptional, even by itself. It turned out to be a cat underneath the ‘cap. Wow, this woman was taken aback.

Her heart literally «jumped into my throat» as she stood up to try it and realized the reality, as she later recalled.

The orange cat is cute, but he looks to be doing some kind of volunteer job there by sleeping in amid the merchandise.

He has not only made a positive impression on his clientele that will not soon be forgotten, but he has done it in a very effective manner.

While assessing the thrift store online, some customers have sought to single him out.

The lady didn’t have to miss out on donning her favorite fur cap because of this.

She felt as if her discovery in the thrift shop was a pleasant coincidence.

She didn’t let her encounter with the shop’s hottest worker ruin her experience there.

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