A lady spent five thousand dollars making her house seem like it belonged in a Christmas storybook

To get ready for the Christmas holidays, everyone pitches in to make the house look and feel its best, hoping to create a mystical atmosphere and spread some seasonal happiness among their loved ones.

A home cannot be made to feel cozy without the right furnishings and accessories.

A lady called Jema, therefore, shelled out almost $5,000 for such add-ons.

The mother of two is now in her 30s and has her family living at home. To make it seem more like Christmas, she decided to decorate the home.

The entire room is decorated in various colors of pink since that’s the color the lady most like. She went out and got five pink Christmas trees and arches.

It took her more than a week’s worth of effort to finish decorating the home.

The home’s owner opted for a pink theme everywhere, from balloons to stuffed deer to a pink Santa Claus.

The archway that has been set up in front of the home is a fascinating addition. The posh ball toys that come with it are the icing on the cake.

A wreath fitting the theme was also hanging on the entrance, although this extravagant addition was made by the lady.

Even with such staggering costs, the hostess received the precise outcome she had hoped for. Houses decorated during the Christmas season are a popular tourist destination.

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