A lady snapping pictures of her pregnant dog looks at the images and sees that she is in every one of them

Poppy’s first visit to her foster home was when she was already nine months along in her pregnancy. So she was already pregnant at the time.

When Carter Cifelli adopted her from a North Carolina shelter where she had been taken by Saving Grace NC, she assumed that she had been pregnant previously, although knowing nothing about the woman’s past or history.

No one knew Carter Cifelli’s background or history, but she was sure she had been pregnant before.

She did all in her power to ensure that the prettiest puppy ever was relaxed and comfortable throughout birth.Cifelli gave her some time off, telling her she could leave if she wanted to relax at home.

She hurried up to the gorgeous Poppy in order to take a picture of her. She began taking pictures and then realized there was an issue after she had already done so.

After a successful relocation with her first litter, Poppy produced another litter of six pups.

Even if she isn’t the kindest lady, her puppies are the prettiest things ever.

All parties involved here are aware of how crucial it is to find Poppy a home with a person who will give her the love and care she deserves.

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