A lady rescued a dog that has been confined to a tiny leash for the better part of its life

Come meet Ginny, a dog with sad eyes and an even sadder story. This dog was never socialised with other pets, never chased a ball, and never slept on the sofa.

It didn’t take long for Lauren Smith Greeno to recognise her dog Ginny in the picture posted on Charlie’s Crusaders page.

Lauren has three shelter dogs previously. Lauren’s home, though, had room for Ginny.

When Lauren got back from the orphanage, she immediately fell for Ginny. «She rushed into my lap and began smothering me with kisses as soon as we exited the parking lot.

This moved me to tears. Lauren gushed about how «assured» and «open to love» she was.

After seeing their former owners abuse them, Ginny and her brothers were taken away. They were confined to a little section of the yard and kept on a tight leash. The canines were eventually sent to an animal shelter.

The brothers of Ginny had little trouble finding new homes for their pets. Nobody saw the unhappy puppy at the shelter for six months.

Ginny, Lauren’s pet, instantly felt at ease and made friends with the other animals. Ginny is getting the attention and care she needs at Lauren’s.

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