A kitty with a big red heart tattooed on its back is seeking for a forever family

Two-year-old ginger and white cat Dollar was given to a rescue group. Dollar was in rough condition when he first came to the shelter, but the volunteers were eager to save him.

Despite his serious illness, the cute kitty was overjoyed to receive care that was delivered with such much tenderness and compassion.

When he arrived, he required immediate attention and care.

Dollar was a very sensitive cat who only wanted to be loved and cared for forever by his human family. The loyal cat is unusual in that he has a heart-shaped marking on his back.

Dollar has enough compassion for others to discuss her incessant want for love and attention.

The ever-present fluffy friend didn’t seem to be the kind to wear his emotions on his sleeve. In addition, he is every bit as sweet and affectionate as he seems. Dollar needs a great forever family.

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