A kitten in need of rescue forms fast friends with another cat and won’t leave their side

A newborn kitten was discovered in the wild. She was immediately sent to a no-kill animal shelter.

Her health improved thanks to the shelter’s staff, but she still needed specialized attention. They contacted the hub and requested assistance.

We continued to keep her warm after we brought her here. The plight of the small cat affected the rescuers, and they made haste to save him.

Volunteer foster carer Milena started bottle-feeding the cat around the clock at her home.

The cute cat quickly learned to use the bottle and looked content to be reared by her human caretaker. Right from the start, he showed extraordinary instinct.

She seemed unable to control her weight gain. Although Louie the cat was doing well in her foster home, she really wanted a friend.

A rescued cat will develop strong feelings for the person who helped it.

Louie, the foster cat, would make noise and wander about whenever she saw the other cats in the house.

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