A Japanese sculptor uses newspaper scraps to create lifelike sculptures of animals

There are old issues of magazines and newspapers stored away somewhere in every basement and garage.

We’ve accumulated so much stuff that we can’t even utilize it all. Old paper may be recycled so as not to add to waste heaps.

Chie Hitotsuyama of Shizuoka prefecture is a paper recycler. The creative process involves the construction of fantastical beings. A creative mind was something Chie always had.

After graduating high school, she attended Tokyo Polytechnic University to major in design. Educating Chie was an imaginative experience. The United States, Asia, and Europe all recognize her name.

Hitotsuyama is famous for his sculptures of animals. She has nothing to choose from but using soggy newspapers. The young woman has global welfare in mind. Things that others have discarded, she puts to good use.

Chie is known for her lifelike paper sculptures of animals. She’s got a knack for drawing lifelike creatures.

In order to accurately portray each species, this artist researches them extensively. She is able to capture even the smallest of features, like villi and scales, on canvas.

It’s time consuming to go into the finer points. Chie has never been dependant on anybody. As her star rose, she learned to set priorities.

The lady from Japan found willing relatives and friends to train under her.The works of Hitotsuyama were shown in many locations in Asia and Europe.

Chie claims it’s not always essential to capture animals for research purposes. Ecosystems are not harmed by museums and displays.

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