A homeless man’s family was reunited after 10 years after they saw before and after images of him on the internet

Brazilian of the age of 45, Joo Coelho Guimares, was experiencing difficulties. This rendered him unemployed and a homeless vagrant. He ran out of food and had to forage for scraps.

A whole three years passed with him having no place to call home.

Joo collected bottles for resale at recycling centers. The bottles were mostly stored in Alessandro Lobo’s barbershop.

Joo approached the barbershop timidly and inquired whether they had scissors or razors for beard trimming. The homeless people were concerned by their facial hair. He hoped it could be taken away.

Alessandro was taken aback by the man’s sensitivity, shyness, and communication skills. His education level was high. The proprietor of a barbershop hosted a day of grooming for the city’s homeless.

Joo just updated his look with a new haircut and style. His character changed abruptly. Joo authorized Alessandro to disseminate the before and after images of his makeover on social media.

Alessandro provided Joo with clothing and footwear. The homeless man thanked Alessandro and said he was now starting to feel normal after a long time.

Alessandro told the tale and showed the photo of Joao. The transformation of this individual was well praised. But one comment really stuck out. The homeless man was known to the mother and sister.

Joo and I hadn’t spoken in a decade! The family’s mother and sister were elsewhere at the time. After learning of Joo’s survival, they planned to go pick him up.

Alessandro gave chase to the vagrant. After his book came out, he was a minor celebrity, so people recognized him.As expected, mom and sister showed up. The family got together for a picnic. All thanks to the might of the internet.

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