A homeless dog receives «high priority» attention from a mailman

South Dakota’s postal worker went off-route to look for a lost animal. The black-and-white dog seemed a little on the youthful side.

Mailman assessed the man’s frailty and emaciation and decided to place him in a box. He was a wonderful trip buddy.

The dog appears to have vanished. The last cargo we received was unlike any other. They felt safer bringing the dog into her house.

The dog was taken up by the Minnesota shelter Ruff Start Rescue. Ty had been trying to lose weight, so he took Pririty in as a foster child.

Priority was just 16 pounds when he entered foster care, but he immediately put on weight. He was always courteous and confident despite his struggles.

Ty summed up the situation well when he said, «He’s a larger youth, yet he belongs in our group.» Priority, who is 10 times smaller than Ty, is an outstanding wrestler.

Despite his squinted and protruding eyes, his rescuers posted him on Facebook in the hopes that he would find a permanent home there.

When they adopted the puppy, the foster family offered them permission to retain the name Priority, which they immediately put to good use.

Priority won’t ever be lonely again, thanks to his new family and their five acres of pathways.

Azure Dis, the story’s author, has high hopes that the public would be moved by their account of the Ruff Start Rescue to come forward with information about missing children.

The Priority Mail doesn’t always seem to assist, so we’ll need your help.

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