A guy gave up his job and sold all he had so that he and his dog could travel the world together

An Australian named Richard East decided to leave his job so he could travel the world with his dog, and here is the narrative of his journey.

Richard’s favorite feline Willow is seen in this photograph. The friendship between these two is very strong. Richard has a deep affection for Willow. She saved his life. They are inseparable.

Richard’s ex-girlfriend acquired this cat from an animal shelter in Hobart. Willow fell head over herself in love with Rich despite the fact that he wasn’t her owner.

Despite Richard’s roughest days, his two-year-old cat is never far away from his side. When Rich’s ex-girlfriend dumped him, he turned to Willow for help.

Until Willow turned him down, Richard was happy. Richard was charmed by Willow’s love of cuddling, which he characterized as «charming and loving.»

His travels led him to meet many folks with cats. They traveled by ship and camped in the southern and northern parts of Australia’s highlands.

As a free spirit, Willow thrives when she is out and about, experiencing new things on her own terms. Her primary dwellings were Rich’s car and the Australian continent, which she had rented from him.

The number of people who follow them on Instagram is in the tens of thousands.He’ll do everything for the sake of his new feline companion.

Richard sold his belongings, quit his job, and moved into a van with Willow in order to travel with the cat.

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