A group of police officers in Brooklyn manage to persuade their chief to recruit a stray cat they found and brought in

The American police force took in a stray cat, and after a few months, the kitten had grown up to be a full-fledged officer.

A cat called Martin helps keep the construction site free of mice, cleans up any scraps from lunch, and keeps everyone in good spirits throughout the day.

Quite some time ago, a stray kitten was discovered by the cops in Brooklyn. In the end, they were successful in convincing management to keep the pet at work.

Since then, the Coney Island police department has adopted a 6-month-old cat called Martin as its mascot.

The police had a special area made up for him. They assign a caretaker to Martin once a week, who takes care of his hygiene and feeding needs.

Moreover, the cat always shows its appreciation with an unending supply of purrs, which instantly lifts the spirits of everyone around it.

His response to being called is similar to that of a dog.

Even if he did, I doubt Martin would accept the fact that he is a cat. No one at the station does not really love this tiny boy.

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